Sunlight Eiffel, 2010


THE SUNLIGHT EIFFEL IDEA / CONCEPT To use a cross cultural, metaphoric symbol from France (Eiffel Tower) to show use of solar energy ascompared to conventional methods and how a simple process can help conserve the energies. ARTIST STATEMENT Since a kid, the Eiffel tower always attracted me and I wanted to visit it. Till 2001, when I visited France for the first time. There is a strange feeling in my heart whenever I visit the Eiffel Tower. Even thought the structure is all iron with harsh and heavy edges- one feels the romance in the air, it does something to the heart!! Today, I feel the need to express my concern towards an ignorant society which wastes precious energy. Maybe this Eiffel can help create love in the heart of people towards nature. Bring the same romance and magic and bring about awareness to use natural methods to create electricity. Thus the similarity to an electric pole, it needs to be constructed it with the same material and similar style. It will light up the medium which transports electricity to our houses with the help of solar energy. And my effort as an artist to create noise and awareness through my art. USE SOLAR ENERGY!! CONSERVE ELECTRICITY!!


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