Corrupt Us, 2013


A nation rich with cultural values, full of people who believe in good karma, full of people who know to make ends meet with the bare minimum and a nation also full of corrupt PEOPLE..       As a reaction to my earlier installations, I asked people “are we forced to be corrupt?” Most of them replied affirmatively, as they believe that they are left with no option.      For most politicians and officers of the nation, MONEY has become the biggest motivation to perform the duties they pledged to, though they are provided with a good salary, living quarters, other benefits and a pension. But the money given ‘under the table’ is a stronger motivation. By doing so they are disrespecting the national values and the faith citizens have in them.  They are respecting only MONEY.I feel they are “CORRUPTING US” by forcing us to bribe them. The helpless, out of frustration ultimately give up, PAY THE BRIBE and move on with their lives.