Bonded, 2014


Most people feel bonded by their relations – the closer the relationship, the tighter the bonds. people tie down those closest to them – with their expectations, by imposing their decisions on them, by not granting them the right to refusal. with a friend or a distant relative one can still stand up and say “no” to a demand that cannot be met. but in a relationship bonded by blood – we simply comply.

The irony of life is that people do not realize what they are doing to the ones they love most, those they hold most dear. vikram arora’s work in istanbul tries to reflect this simple truth by discussing this feeling of being bonded.

In his solo show of paintings, photographs and a video installation, vikram is curious about how this visual experience will affect our lives. will we change the way we communicate our wishes to our children? will we stop forcing our will on our brothers or increasing our expectations from our spouses? will we stop making the ones we love most feel “bonded”?

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